Flinders Drama Centre Graduates        

Class of 2008

Chris Asimos
  Chris graduated from the Drama Centre in 2008 with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours). Chris' television, commercial and short film credits include Kosmea Skin Care, Reshke Wine, Raphael, The Next El Marsi and Bad Language. His stage work includes Howard Korder's Boys' Life, Roland Schimmelpfennig's Arabian Night, State Opera's The Tales of Hoffman by Offenbach, Australian Showtime's Kung Fu Panda Musical, Ray Mooney's controversial Everynight, Everynight, Alex Vickery Howe's Kijumna Fest/Oz Asia premiere Once upon a Midnight, Presnyakov Brothers Terrorism, Louis Nowra's The Jungle, Henrik Ibsen's Lady from the Sea, Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, Catherine Zimdahl's Clark in Sarajevo and The Border Project's Highway Rock and Roll Disaster. Chris' Radio/Voice over work credits include ABC Radio Dramas The Night with No Explanation and Naming the Number. Chris also performed in State Theatre's The Give and Take by Tony McNamara and is currently touring the US with Manpower Australia.

Matthew Crook
  Matt is a 2008 graduate from Flinders Drama Centre, ensemble member of award winning independent theatre company five.point.one and the 2010 Critics' Circle emerging artist of the year. Matt has recently returned from touring Windmill Theatre Company's Grug throughout North America, including a one-month off-Broadway season in New York. Recent theatre credits include Babyteeth, Pornography and The Give And Take (The State Theatre Company of SA), The Girl Who Cried Wolf (Windmill Theatre Company), international kids musical Once Upon a Midnight (OzAsia Festival), The Share (Best Actor Nomination) and That Face (Best Actor Award, five.point.one). Matt's film credits include the upcoming 2013 thriller One Eyed Girl (Directed by Nick Matthews, Projector Films), 2012 SBS comedy series Danger 5, short films Always The Quiet Ones, Italian Spiderman, Priya (SASA Best Actor Nom), commercials for the Motor Accident Commission, Nova 919 and Carclew. Matt has provided voice talent for features and a myriad of television and radio commercials.

Roziye Delaney
Roziye Delaney is a writer and performer dedicated to creating and developing new Australian work. Roziye completed acting training at the Flinders Drama Centre in South Australia in 2008. At Flinders, the physical training under Roz Hervey (Artistic Associate Force Majeure) and Dr Anne Thompson (founder of Melbourne's Eleventh Hour Theatre), sparked her initial interest in devised, ensemble theatre. In 2008 Roziye was awarded the Malcom Fox Award in Drama and nominated for the Adelaide Bank Award for Outstanding Graduate. Shortly after completing Flinders Drama Centre, Roziye moved to Europe, curious about the working foundations of International Theatre Companies such as Complicite, Footsbarn and Hoipolloi. In October 2009 Roziye began training at the Jacques Lecoq International Theatre school in Paris, keen to develop a language and expertise which delved deeply into making theatre and collaborating at an intense and innovative level. Since returning to Australia, Roziye has worked as a writer and performer with Clockfire Theatre Company and her debut screenplay, Finding Malone, is currently in development.

David Hirst
  At Flinders Dave worked on shows including Mark Ravenhill's The Cut (playing a zealot), Henrik Ibsen's Lady From the Sea (playing the dignified Dr Wangel), The Presnyakov Brother's Terrorism, Ben Ellis's Falling Petals (playing five different characters) and Abi Morgan's Tender (playing a business man in crisis). He also studied with Iranian film director Ahmin Tarohk and with Rob Marchand in a workshop based on the Mike Leigh method of character development for film. In 2007 he played a roadie in The Border Project's Highway Rock and Roll Disaster . More recently he has performed in Okinawa in Japan and in the Oz Asia festival in Adelaide as a lead in Alex Vickery-Howe's musical, Once Upon a Midnight .

Scott Marcus
  Scott grew up in Queanbeyan, NSW and Mount Gambier, SA before settling in Adelaide in 2002. He established rock band Please be a Goat in 2004 as lead vocalist, playing the local circuit and recording an eponymous EP. Having no drama curriculum at high school, Scott was an outside chance at Drama Centre auditions but true to his mantle "dark horse", he gained entry. Scott's dedication to transforming when playing characters involves physical change and meticulous accent study. He beefed up considerably for his role as Metzger, the corrupt cop in The Jungle and interviewed Adelaide based Icelandics to perfect the accent for Gary, the Icelandic pop star in the same production. Scott researched Wisconsin and its unique accent in preparation for his role as Frank in The God of Hell. To play Valdek in Robert Marchand's forthcoming feature film, he researched the character's native Estonia, including the language. Scott then brought this decidedly Mike Leigh process to his lead role as Jack in the short film Momentum by Seth Williams.

Caitlin McCreanor
  Caitlin's angelic appearance belies her talent at portraying a broad range of characters. Her favourite roles have included an Icelandic pop star, a quirky scientist, a mother to be and a ruthless business woman. Caitlin has relished the opportunity to play Justine in Robert Marchand's feature film Six Characters and appears as Brett's girlfriend in Anthony Hayes' feature film Ten Empty. Her love of comic characters led Caitlin to the role of Judy the Scientist in the Internet series Italian Spiderman which has become a cult hit. Caitlin found an avenue for her excitable nature as the voice of the Ladybug, in the cartoon I Once Was a Teenage Butterfly by the People's Republic of Animation for Nickelodeon. In complete contrast Caitlin did the voice over work in a recent Girl Guides commercial. Caitlin has had lead roles in Drama Centre productions of The Jungle by Louis Nowra, The Lady From the Sea by Henrik Ibsen, Tender by Abi Morgan and Clark in Sarajevo by Catherine Zimdahl.

Shanti Pezet
  Shanti's imagination was boundless from an early age. She attributes this to being an only child. She learned to love movement from her parents who run a yoga school. She has trained in acrobatics, dance, stage and film fighting, Taekwondo and performed Bollywood dancing at festivals and expos. She has had formal singing training and worked as a voice over artist for the video game Elysium. Shanti has performed in Drama Centre productions of Flight, Ghost Sonata, Miss you, Sure Thing, Are You Ready? , and a compilation of Beckett's short plays. She has starred as a Romanian rebel in Splendour and as 12 year old Svetlana in the comedy Svetlana in Slingbacks. Shanti enjoyed a secondment with Brink Productions and the State Theatre Company of South Australia during the rehearsal of the world premiere of Andrew Bovell's When the Rain Stops Falling. Most recently she co-created and starred as an Argentinean woman living on the run in a short film, Washed up.

Cameron Pike
  Cameron belongs to a talented family of performers and musicians. He sings, plays guitar, composes music and creates sound scapes for film and live performance. Renowned for his comic timing and physical comedy, he has explored dramatic roles during his time at the Drama Centre - Young Sniper in Clark In Sarajevo, Graig Haines in The God of Hell as well as Stephen in The Cut. In 2007 Cameron performed in The Border Project's hit production Highway Rock and Roll Disaster. Cameron was also selected to play a role in a feature film directed by Robert Marchand using Mike Leigh's improvisational method.

Miranda Pike
  A graduate of the Flinders University Drama Centre, Miranda has since been involved in numerous productions and self-devised pieces for stage and screen. Some of her theatre credits include Iris in Morris Panych's Girl In The Goldfish Bowl (nominated best female actor for the Curtain Call awards 2013 and short-listed Emerging Artist for Adelaide Critics Circle Awards 2013), Libby in Ron Elisha's Controlled Crying, Alice in Polly Stenham's That Face, The Girl in Howard Korder's Boys' Life, Amy in Mark Ravenhill's Citizenship, as well as the self-devised Krang! and Format festival piece Fantasy Project Gary. For the last few years, Miranda has been delving deeper into the world of clown and is in the midst of developing new works residing within this realm. She moonlights under many different personas, most notoriously Juicy Fruit and Grant Vandercock from 80's aerobics troupe Spandexx Ballet performing at events such as Adelaide Fringe 2014, and the 2013 Feast Festival and Roller Derby. She has also worked intensively and extensively with screen Director Robert Marchand on projects using the Mike Leigh method of character-based improvisation – including a lead role in the feature Identity Project . Her most recent screen appearance will be in the latest instalment of SBS comedy series Danger 5.

Kate Roxby
  Kate was studying psychology at Flinders when she realised she couldn't ignore her passion for acting so she auditioned for the Drama Centre in 2004. In her third year of training (2007) she was nominated for an Adelaide Critic Circle Award for her performance as TB in Adelaide's premiere of Caroline Reid's Prayer to An Iron God Kate's intrigue for complex personalities has led her to enjoy playing Hope in Louis Nowra's The Jungle, Gloria in Abi Morgan's Tender and a seductress, a highly strung office nerd and a jaded grandmother in the Presnykov Brother's Terrorism. Kate is dedicated to Australian film and theatre and so was thrilled her final role in the Drama Centre was as Laura in Janis Balodis' Wet and Dry. Kate loved her time learning about the Mike Leigh method and developing characters for film under the guidance of Rob Marchand, and before her time at Flinders had been an extra on Australian feature films Peaches and Ten Empty and has also worked on multiple short films with media and screen students. Kate is also a lover of musical theatre and a qualified make-up artist. In this capacity she worked on Puccini's Turandot with the South Australian State Opera.

Naomi Steel
  Naomi grew up in an outback community called Ernabella. She moved to Adelaide and worked as a dancer/choreographer before undertaking study in the BA(Hon) and MCA programs at the Flinders Drama Centre. Naomi made her acting debut in Terrorism, earning her reputation as a chameleon for her accurate transformations into an impressionable granny, and a neurotic office outcast. Naomi has a particular affinity for Australian texts and characters, so her favourite work at the Drama Centre has been playing Pam in Janis Balodis' Wet and Dry, and directing a production of Gary's House by Debra Oswald. Naomi has worked in many short films and video clips Power Failure,Swimming Lesson, Belzhik, Break and Enter, Zerna, Fixations, Falling, Overtime, Strung Up and also enjoys moonlighting as a singer/songwriter. Her songs are played on Radio Adelaide and have won several awards in the annual Festival of Original Music. In 2008 Naomi was thrilled to work alongside Adam Cook at the State Theatre Company as an Assistant Director on Architektin by Robyn Archer, and alongside Mary Moore as a designer for the Oz Asia Festival's rock musical, Once Upon a Midnight.

Brad Williams
  Brad completed a three-year degree and spent two years in the IT Industry as a computer programmer before the inescapable boredom and yearning for a chance to perform, prompted him to go to Drama School. Whilst there he has played a number of lead roles including Gary in Gary's House, Paul in The Cut and some quirky characters such as Marvin in Tender and Bengtsson in Ghost Sonata . He has also developed and performed one of the characters in Rob Marchand's forthcoming feature film, Six Characters. Outside of the Drama Centre, Brad has worked with The Border Project for both the 2006 and 2007 seasons of Highway Rock and Roll Disaster as one of the 'roadies'. Brad maintains that versatility is important in the theatre industry and so he is continually developing new skills from set building to acrobatics and fire twirling. He is currently an ensemble member for Adelaide's Award Winning Independent Theatre Company five.point.one.