Flinders Drama Centre Graduates        

Class of 2006

Joseph Del Re
  Joseph is a Flinders Drama Centre graduate. His theatre credits include Shivered, Games in the Backyard (ATYP); Orange Flower Water (Darlinghurst Theatre Company); A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Bell Shakespeare Company); Helly’s Magic Cup, Maestro (State Theatre Company of South Australia) and Love and Dogfall (Vitalstatistix). Joseph’s feature film and television credits include Coffin Rock, War is Beautiful, Mountain Fire and Wild Boys . He is a proud member of MEAA.

Jamie Harding
Jamie Harding has a long history of teaching performing arts and tours constantly throughout Australia. He works in Sydney teaching for NIDA, Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art, which is world renowned for its global and national excellence in actor training and he has taught an array of specialised classes in theatre, film, television and stand-up comedy. He has also worked for many of Australia's top corporate training programs including State Theatre Company's Corporate sector. As an actor Jamie started his career playing Claudio in Main Street Theatre's production of Much Ado About Nothing, and since graduating from Flinders University Drama Centre has appeared as an actor and stand-up comedian in television, theatre and radio, nationally and internationally and featured in many of Australia's major performing arts Festivals. He played Cripple Billy in State Theatre Company's production of The Cripple Of Inishmaan, he also featured in State Theatre's production of The Real Thing , Brink Productions Gorge in 09, Reason 42, Edmond, and in Come Out's, The Yum Yum Room, and was a key creative and apart of the Ruby Award winning team that won for theatre innovation for Colour Darker Than Black. Television credits include acting opposite Logie nominated Victoria Thaine, Rachel Ward, and Gary Sweet in ABC series Rain Shadow, has played Simmo on the hit television show McLeod's Daughters and won best Actor at the South Australian Screen Awards for the Film Sacrifice. Jamie has also been involved in the media and comedy industry as a writer, and stand-up comedian and founded Ovation Centre of Performing Arts and professional collective Gener8 Theatre.

Jude Henshall
  Jude was nominated in the 2010 Helpmann awards; Best Supporting Actress in a Musical for her portrayal of Glinda in Windmill Theatre's contemporary re-telling of The Wizard of Oz. Jude's theatre credits include Attempts on her Life, Metro Street – both directed by Geordie Brookman for State Theatre Company of SA, Pinocchio, The Wizard of Oz - nominated for 6 Helpmann awards - Windmill Theatre. Highway Rock 'n' Roll Disaster - STC/The Border Project. I Am Not An Animal – Adelaide Festival/The Border Project. Trouble On Planet Earth, Escape From Peligro Island – The Border Project. Best We Forget – Old Fitzroy Theatre/ Brisbane Festival/isthisyours? Film and television credits include Sunshine and Oranges, The Swimming Lesson, Yuri Shima, Wire Through the Heart and Rainshadow. Jude is an associate member of The Border Project and a founding member of isthisyours?.

Lachlan Mantell
  Lachlan graduated from Flinders University Drama Centre in 2006 with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Hons). He has appeared in Madame Butterfly for the State Opera of South Australia directed by Moffatt Oxenbould. Professional roles since graduating include This Unchartered Hour for the State Theatre Company of South Australia directed by Chris Drummond, a tour of The Bamboo Flute directed by Chris Canute and the msuical Dead Man Walking performed at the State Theatre in Sydney for Alexander Productions in 2007. He also starred in Blowing Whistle for Sydney Mardi Gras which also toured to the Adelaide Feast Festival in 2008.

Louisa Mignone
  Louisa graduated from Flinders University Drama Centre in 2006 with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Hons). Her theatre credits include, the 2008 Actors At Work program for Bell Shakespeare Company, Metamorphoses, Clark In Sarajevo, Flight and Loveplay for Flinders Drama Centre. Louisa has worked on the stage for Griffin Theatre Company, Bell Shakespeare Company, Tamarama Rock Surfers and Windmill Performing Arts. For the small screen she has appeared in; Rake 2 and 3, Fat Tony and Co, East West 101, My Place and Wonderland. For the bigger screen; Two Fists One Heart, Wish You Were Here and the upcoming sci-fi Infini. Short Films include; Spike Up, Nocturn, and She Loves Me She Loves Me Not. Louisa also wrote, directed and starred in her first short film Latte e Miele.

Rhiannon Owen
  Whilst studying at the Drama Centre, Rhiannon performed in a variety of plays including Laughing Wild, A Dream Play, Some Girls, Psycho Beach Party and Clarke in Sarajevo. Her film and television credits include McLeod's Daughters and several television commercials for South Australian television. She has worked on the short films Angela's Decision , The Agreement and Hair Today Gone Tomorrow - for which she was nominated for a Best Performance (Ensemble) award at the 2007 SA Short Screen Awards. Rhiannon worked on a number of radio plays for the ABC including Madagascar Lily, The Angel and the Red Priest and Explosion of A Memory. In 2007 Rhiannon performed in the Actors at Work program for the Bell Shakespeare Company in Sydney and is a qualified and practising Yoga teacher.

Nadia Rossi
  Nadia graduated from Flinders University Drama Centre in 2006 with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Hons). While studying, her theatre credits included Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphoses, Moira Buffini's Loveplay and Raimondo Cortese's Features of a Blown Youth. During her studies she began working with Windmill Performing Arts and once graduated travelled extensively with their renowned children's show, The Green Sheep. The 2007 tour saw her perform in many international festivals and theatres in New Zealand, Hong Kong, USA and Australia. In 2008 she performed in both of Windmill's productions of The Green Sheep and Cat for the Assitej Festival. She toured Cat in regional South Australia in late 2008 followed by an ensemble work being developed with the company Isthisyours? Her film credits include Sally Marshall Is Not An Alien directed by Mario Andreacchio, based on the book of the same name. Her short film credits include, Spook, Largo and The Swimming Lesson (winners at the 2007 SA Short Screen Awards, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, Young Film makers Award and Judges Special Commendation).

Ellen Steele
  Ellen graduated from Flinders University Drama Centre in 2006 with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Hons). Whilst studying her theatre credits included Features of Blown Youth, Metamorphoses and Nathalie Ribout. Ellen performed in Kids Can Get Lost for the Newave Festival in Melbourne directed by Daniel Koerner. She has also been involved with the creative developments The Rope Project for The Border Project, The Hulk Fitzjames for State Theatre of South Australia and Cat for Windmill Performing Arts. Onstage she performed in Holding The Man and Maestro for State Theatre of SA, Love and Ruby Bruise for Vitalistatistix, Wolf for Slingsby Theatre Company, I Am Not An Animal for The Border Project, Grug and Girl Asleep for Windmill Performing Arts and Mr McGee and the Biting Flea for Patch Theatre Company. She is currently a member of the ensemble isthisyours?

Mat Lynch