Flinders Drama Centre Graduates        

Class of 2002

Carolyn Bechervaise
  Carolyn graduated from Flinders Drama Centre in 2002 with Honours. In 2003 she gained a summer internship with the Seattle Children's Theatre Company assisting in classes, developing curriculum and working as an Assistant Director to a Summer Season show. Her theatre credits at Flinders include The Mahabaratha , Woyzeck, The Vagina Monologues, Blackrock, Ecstasy, Proof and Lysistrata. In 2004 Carolyn performed in I Was Here for the 2004 Adelaide Fringe Festival and in 2006 she worked on Who's That Boy and Welcome Stranger for Perform! Educational Musicals in South Australia. She also performed in the 2006 Melbourne Fringe Festival production of Caleb Lewis's Songs For The Deaf at the Lithuanian Club in North Melbourne. Carolyn currently resides in Melbourne and teaches drama, singing and music to children and is a founding member of Drop Bear Theatre.

Andrew Brackman
On completing his Degree with Honours at the Drama Centre, Andrew became involved with Fresh Track Productions, working as production assistant on their award winning show The Return. Andrew then moved to Sydney where he was fortunate enough to work on diverse projects with a range of companies including the shows Nonnunui for the Sydney Esquisse Arts Festival and Marathon for Sydney Theatre Company, which went on to seasons in the Come Out Festival and The Old Fitz. Andrew has his own production company, Gang of Five that produces live events and in 2005 the company also produced its first film, The Waiting Room, starring Bruce Spence. He has been a coordinator on the Adelaide Fringe's new audience development program, Fringe Benefits and has completed his Masters in Arts Management.

Maja Bejnarowicz
  Maya graduated from Flinders Drama Centre in 2002. Whilst at Flinders she performed in productions of Caryl Churchill's Mad Forest , The Cafe Latte Kid, Wit, Blackrock and Top Girls . She also was part of the cast of the Centenary of Federation project The Memory Museum, a project of the Australian Performance Laboratory. Maya currently resides in Sydney and teaches primary school children.

Jermaine Hampton
  Born in Alice Springs, Jermaine is an Indigenous Australian actor specialising in film and theatre. Jermaine has played a wide variety of roles ranging from the very camp Belize in Angels In America to King Orsino in Shakespeares' Twelfth Night . Jermaine has had a number of spots on television including the shows In The Box, Like It Is and John Safran Vs God. Jermaine was the Artistic Director of Karrikarrinya Theatre Company, a company set up for indigenous artists.

Lisa Infante
  Lisa is a graduate of the Flinders University Drama Centre in South Australia and is based in Melbourne. She has performed in several theatre and television shows, including Last Man Standing (Network 7) and Savvy TV (Network 10). Her numerous TV commercials include Direct Interiors, Statewide Superannuation, Sprite and St. George Bank. In 2004, she enjoyed a fruitful mentorship with Mary Coustas (Acropolis Now’s Effie) through support from the Helpmann Academy. Lisa performed in the 2006 Melbourne Fringe Production of Fitting Rooms at Gasworks and the 2009 Melbourne Fringe production of Retail at the No Vacancy Gallery. She also completed writing a feature film and looks forward to developing it.

Sonya Kerr
  Sonya's credits at the Drama Centre include Anna in Closer, Fay in Loot, Marie in Ecstasy , Edie in Redemption and Annie in Wolfboy. Sonya's theatre credits since graduating consist of the Bride in Lorca's Blood Wedding with Women of Asia Theatre Company. She was also assistant director, Mina's understudy, Uncle and Bath Attendant in their production of Prodigal Daughter. For the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2005 Sonya played the Norma in the premiere of Phrankly Theatre Company's The Auxiliary. She has also worked on several short films and played the role of Rebekah in the feature film Ektopos. Sonya was the presenter for the Lispstick Lounge at the 2005 Girls Day Out Expo and presented at the Melbourne Motor Show in 2006. She was also the SFX makeup artist for the short film Scratch by Harvest Films which was shown at the St Kilda Film Festival in 2006. Her strangest job to date was being the motion capture model for Daisy Duke in the PS2 game The Dukes of Hazzard – The Return of General Lees. Other theatre credits include a number of plays for the Short & Sweet Festival and the 2009 Melbourne Fringe production of Retail at the No Vacancy Gallery.

Sarah Lockwood
  After graduating from Flinders Drama Centre in 2002, Sarah headed to the US where she worked with the Seattle Children's Theatre Company. Her interest in Theatre for Young People has also lead to work with Primarily Performers (Melbourne) and Corrugated Iron Youth Arts (Darwin). Sarah has taken part in two Adelaide Fringe Festivals featuring in I Was Here in 2004 and Furious in 2006 which also played as part of the 2005 Darwin Fringe Festival. After the success of Furious, Sarah went on to co-write and perform a comedy show titled Unisex for which she was touted "the rubberiest face in Darwin." (Top End Arts). In 2006 Sarah performed the part of Becca in Caleb Lewis's Songs for the Deaf for the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Sarah has also performed in The Threepenny Opera with Darwin Theatre Company and Oedipus with Blue Chair Theatre in Melbourne. She currently works and collaborates with Drop Bear Theatre and has been part of productions of Mem Fox's The Magic Hat and an installation for babies called Rain.

Reuben McNamara
  Reuben graduated from Flinders Drama Centre with Honours in 2002. Whilst at Flinders he performed in Caryl Churchill's Mad Forest , The Mahabaratha, Wit, Redemption, Flame , The Memory Museum, Blackrock, Ecstasy and Closer . In 2004 Reuben performed in The Night Heron with Red Stitch Actor's Theatre in Melbourne. In 2005 he worked with Tangiable Productions in Playing You at Chapel Off Chapel. Reuben performed at the Fairfax Theatre in Paradise Can and Party for the 2006 Short and Sweet Festival and had a major guest role on Blue Heelers playing a child trapped in a young adult's body who was being accused of killing his parents.

Alistair Scott-Young
  Alistair has had extensive training as an actor at the Flinders Drama Centre. His roles have included Ricko in Blackrock for Changeling Theatre and Flinders Drama Centre, Jay in Low and How I Learned To Drive directed by Ross Ganf and Ed in the TV Short The Thread directed by Richard Back. In 2002 Alistair received critical acclaim for his portrayal of the menacing Steve in The Return produced by Fresh Track Productions at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2002. He then went on to recreate the role again for the Australian Festival for Young People and also the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2003 where his performance was described Like Brad Pitt doing Chopper.

Sean Weatherly
  Sean graduated from the Flinders Drama Centre in 2002 with a BA (Honours) in Drama. His theatre credits include The Second Hurricane for the 2000 Adelaide Telstra Festival, he played the role of Ted in Sondheim's Saturday Night for Magnormos in 2003 at Chapel off Chapel and the BMW Edge at Federation Square. In 2004 he helped audiences to Sing Your Own Musical for the 2004 Melbourne Festival of Arts at Cafe Vic which also featured at the 2006 and 2007 Adelaide Cabaret Festivals. In 2004 Sean also produced and performed in the Tom Lehrer show Tomfoolery which later was remounted to 13 packed houses at the 2008 Adelaide Fringe Festival at La Boheme. In 2007 played Knotawerd in Kate & Phillip Gould's new kids musical Shlobaglob and also had a short stint playing Humpy at Hunchbax Theatre Restaurant. He has worked on many short films and has worked on the TV shows Sensing Murder, The Pacific and Underbelly Squizzy. He also worked on the Independent drama length feature Infinite Shades of Grey for Moreland Hall's harm minimisation program. He has participated in many Short & Sweet Festivals and performed at La Mama in The Cherry Umbrella, Friday Night In Town and The Evolution of Incompetence. In 2010 he composed for A Narrow Time For Angels - The Musical for Midsumma and in 2011 he played Booby in the Midsumma production For The Love of Fritz at Gasworks. He produced his musical Price Check! in both Adelaide and Melbourne and has a successful children's entertainment business Noodles The Clown.